A rare attempt at nail art

Image It’s very rare that I venture into the world of nail art (quite honestly I’m rubbish at it!) however, today I had the day off work and nothing else to do so I thought ‘why not?!’

So, this is the result!!  The background colour is Number 17 – ‘tigers eye.’   The main body of the flowers is Rimmel Lycra Pro – ‘Pink of Me.’   The detailing was done with Rio nail art pens.   Top coat is kensington caviar.


Frizz-ease 3 day straight


I am truly a slave to my straighteners, my hair is frizzy and wavy and altogether out of control.  So, to me, this product is a life saver.  Just a quick spritz onto wet hair will keep my hair looking smooth and sleek – whatever the weather.

One thing I will say, with this spray less is definitely more.  The first time I used it, I disregarded the instructions and just went for it; I ended up with very oily hair.

So, overall, amazing, amazing, amazing!  Just don’t use too much.


My mum is a huge fan of the gel manicure, so I decided (being the fantastic daughter that I am) to buy her the sensationail gel manicure kit for Christmas.   The kit itself seems fairly pricey at the off (£60 for the starter kit) but when you think about the maths, a gel manicure is £20-£30 in a salon, so you make your money back pretty quickly!!

Image The kit itself contains the LED UV lamp, contains a gel primer, base&top coat, cleansing lotion  and gel remover solution.  The kit is really easy to use and the results are amazing, the nails really do have a professional finish and the colour lasts for ages.   Im looking forward to them expanding their range of colours so we can try more!

Kensington Caviar

So, for my first review post I felt like I should go with a product that I truly love. So, here it is:


nails inc. Kensington Caviar Topcoat (£11 each)

I can honestly say that this is the best topcoat I have ever used; and it’s been one of my staples for a long time now. I could genuinely rave about this topcoat for hours, so bare with me!

Right, so, first of all it’s very fast drying and it has a fantastic finish. It’s ultra glossy and it really does make the best out of any polish, without obscuring any colour/pattern you may have underneath. Also, with this product, a little really does go a long way. All you’ll ever need is one, thin coat to finish any mani off perfectly. This means that one bottle will last me for ages and ages which means that at £11, you get a lot of use for your money!! Finally (and for me, this is the best part;) it sets rock hard. I know that after applying this topcoat, my polish will last over a week without chipping and therefore (if I’m having a busy week) I can totally forget about my nails for that time and they will remain looking gorgeous. What more could a girl want?!